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What is it?

It is an undeniable truth that social media has become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. One of the most cost-effective, measurable means of enabling marketers to rapidly build brand awareness, drive and maintain a positive reputation, retain consumer loyalty and promote lead generation. Boasting a veritable tribe of social media whizz kids, we specialize in strategic social media campaigns work. Using real-time metrics and guided by delivering on your ROI, we can help you navigate the New World that is social media via: social media strategy development, consulting, advertising, community engagement and management.

Social Media Management Proposal

The ultimate intention of this proposal is to align all freelance requirements with client expectations to ensure all duties are understood and agreed upon by the client. This will establish common goals and guarantee the best outcomes for the client’s brand on social media.

Increase ticketing sales/online events

The essential KPIs to measure sales and event listings include conversions through purchases and event listings signups made as a result of paid media advertising on social media.

Increase traffic to website

Relevant and informative content relating to Hero Ticket as well as the use of monthly advertising will encourage potential customers to click directly through to the company website. Without the use of advertising, potential customers will still be able to click through to the website via blogs/links or landing page links organically from the company’s social media timelines. All campaign content must be supplied by the client with any links/UTM links for posting on the timeline or for running/tracking paid ads.

Content Creation and Curation

All content compiled in the monthly posting schedule must be provided by the client in the form of an image library or videos/links to blogs, links to articles etc. with the inclusion of generic copy. The copy may be changed to better suit the platform (i.e. Facebook or Instagram posts/sponsored posts). These changes will be sent for approval in the schedule
before going live. All copywriting is to be done in collaboration with the client. Simple graphics for ads or posting can be made on request as long as this is communicated a day prior to the post going out on social media. If needed, I am happy to help with taking photos, being present at shoots, etc , to ensure we get the content we need.

Analytics and Reporting

It is important to note that without additional budget for paid advertising, results will not be very high e.g. reach will be lower as well as all round ROI. Standardized reports can be downloaded from the platforms back end as requested by the client to show post-campaign performance.

Increase Engagement

The use of exciting and interesting content as well as routine monitoring will encourage audiences to engage in the company’s social media pages. Content can become repetitive and outdated however having a monthly content plan curated in accordance with the client’s marketing plan will ensure the content is up to date and relevant to the current target audience. Content can take the form of images, videos, blog posts and website links which will be compiled together with the client before scheduling.

Posting Schedule

A monthly schedule will be compiled and sent for approval by the 25th of each month. Once approval has been given by client (this will be needed by 28th of every month to make sure changes have time to be made) the content will be scheduled accordingly to the platforms. Facebook and Instagram content will be the same on both platforms unless requested otherwise. Posts will be scheduled 3X per week with the addition of ad hoc
images that can be sent for posting on request by the client. This schedule will also include the monthly ad campaigns, the ad creatives and the agreed budgets per post prior to the new month.

Community Management

Social Media pages will be checked twice a day which will ensure comments/ queries are responded to within a decent timeframe. This can take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes in the morning and 15 to 30 minutes in the afternoon. The remaining time outside of this (1 hour 30 mins each day) will be spent scheduling, creating the content plan, making changes,
designing graphics where requested and sorting content sent by the client. This will be tracked using a time management application called Clockify.

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